Even if you have the perfect boat to sell…
What Boat Dealers Won’t Tell You IS the Secret to DIY Boat Selling Success
(Hint… “Boater to Boater” Selling Works)
Even if you have the perfect boat to sell…

What Boat Dealers Won’t Tell You
IS the Secret to DIY Boat Selling Success

(Hint… “Boater to Boater” Selling Works)
This letter is for all the DIY boat sellers out there who are overwhelmed and looking for THE better way to list their boat for sale.
Stop searching for cheesy “sell my boat” hacks and join our boat sales movement.
From the Desk of Roxanne Rockvam
You thought DIY boat selling would be easy. Just list your boat on a website and BOOM an offer would appear in 10 minutes. WRONG!
This is very far from reality.
There was a time when pre-owned boat sales were quick, easy, and at top dollar. But times have changed and it once again requires strategy, thought, and effort to DIY boat selling.
Sure you might say “I just don’t have the time” or “I’m so overwhelmed by the process” or worse “I just want to list it and see what happens” that you go ahead and post your boat for sale with ugly photos and a one sentence description… then you wait… and wait…
And wait for an offer…
And then you started to research “how to sell your boat” and learned about collecting information, keeping track of people, and worse designing sales sheets. It made you feel like that emoji with the smoking head…
But it’s not your fault.
People have used DIY boat selling for decades. In fact you may have bought your boat from a DIY seller.
So what has changed?
Dealers. Dealers are keeping all of the secrets from you. They have cornered the market on used boat sales. With all of the resources to easily print signage, get information out to their customers easily, and worse of all… access to pricing information.  
So how do you compete with that… you are tired and overwhelmed and all you want to do is sell your boat.
Your boat full of memories.
And that’s the problem. Your boat IS full of memories. So on one hand you are ready to sell, but the other hand is holding you back and feeding the denial that if you don’t actually sell it... you can still go boating.
Your solution is here.
Your boat is part of the family. Think about it, you named it! And now you are just suppose to put a listing up and “hope for the best”.  
Nope. That’s like putting your dog up for sale and “hoping for the best”.  
With your boat you should take time to collect the information you have and present it in a way that the next buyer enjoys it as much as you have.
Boating is actually a small community and it’s likely you will sell your boat to someone in your own region. This is the “hometown advantage” you have when you participate in “boater to boater” selling.
It’s an opportunity to expand the world of boating by focusing on the relationship instead of the transaction. Just like the dealers.  
They don’t want you to know that boating is emotional.
Boaters are investing in their free time… didn’t you? Didn’t you search for the ultimate vessel to spend your afternoons?
Now it’s your turn to be on the other side.  
Learn the techniques to selling your boat with style and confidence. Learn what transforms your DIY approach from a “driveway to driveway” transaction to a “boater to boater” relationship.
Our “Boater to Boater – Boat Selling System” is here to guide you to the next level of boating. Giving you a new skill set from our easy to follow system of checklists, resource sheets and printables. It’s fun and even has rewards! And when all is said and done you will feel proud, grateful and satisfied that your boat has found a nice good home without being hard, overwhelming or confusing.
Why did I create this system?   
Well, I’ve sold boats for over 30 years at our family marina. I was also named Woman of the Year in the recreational boating industry a couple years ago… so helping buyers select boats and welcoming them into the world of boating is exciting. It’s interesting to watch the emotions of buyers as they investigate with skepticism a boat that is in front of them. 

Just as there are ways to destroy buyer trust, there are ways to increase their confidence. It’s actually quite simple. But the most rewarding part is to welcome new boaters.   
Then I though why am I saving this for myself? 
I could create a system and share it with DIY boaters. The entire industry benefits when a new boater comes into our world… so let’s do this together! It’s like celebrating a Happy Birthday, but for boats… or as we like to say “Happy Boat Day™”
And just like that a website became available for me to purchase, it’s called Boatvana and my dream is becoming a reality. I can’t wait for you to become a part of my “boater to boater” movement. Let’s create a welcoming, friendly, and nice environment for a generation of new boaters. 

But it all begins with you… let’s transform the “best two days in a boaters life... to the ONE best day in TWO boaters lives”

The Happy Boat Day™ 
Boater to Boater 
Boat Selling System

the quick and easy step-by-step guide to boat sales planning success
Perfect for boat owners ready to list their boat DIY both online and real world style! Ideal for boats on trailers or easy to transport Fishing Boats, Runabouts, Wake/Surf/Ski, PWC’s, Sail Boats, and Pontoons.
  • Create a marketing plan and sales promotion fliers (even if you can only “copy” and “paste” and “print”)
  • Build confidence and credibility (So your potential buyers don’t think you are shady)
  • Find places to list your boat for sale (to increase the chances for a hometown buyer)
  • Generate a pack of boating information to ease your stress (AND so your boat finds a good home)
“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s now what ships were made for” - Shedd

What’s Inside The Happy Boat Day™ 
Boater to Boater
Boat Selling System

It’s “THEIR Boat” Selling Guide (43 Pages) (Value $37)
Spoiler alert! When you decide to list your boat for sale, it is no longer your boat… change your mindset to when every potential buyer arrives it becomes THEIR boat. This instant download will guide you through our six phases of boat marketing.  
  • Emotional Selling – getting into the correct frame of mind
  • What Are You Selling – you drive it… but that’s different from selling it.
  • Transactions – It’s “Show Time”!
  • Happy Boat Day™ – YESSSSSS Time to welcome a new boater!
  • Reflect – Ahhhh, did that just happen?
Treasure Hunt System! (Value $77)
We are going on a treasure hunt that leads a treasure chest filled with goodies! YES! You receive a T-shirt for completing the following quick and easy treasure hunt system. It’s a simplified way to get your “ducks in a row” and create an organized pack of information for your potential buyers to look through AND to give your actual buyer on their “HAPPY BOAT DAY™”
  • Fast Track Spec Sheet – get your information in one location
  • Stroll Down Memory Lane Survey – relive your happiest “boating days”
  • Getting Official Check List – Collect the documents do you need
  • Real World Cost Sheet – Woah… fun ain’t cheap! 
  • Living the Dream Diary – Fun Fun Fun
  • Running Start Resource Sheet – you make one for your babysitter, why not one for your boat!
REWARD: Boatvana T Shirt - complete the treasure hunt to earn your T Shirt! (Value $29)
Boatvana Listing until sold! (Value $50) 
Use your listing as your homebase for referrals including nationwide boat seekers. Receive a special easy to search code that allows you to easily have buyers find your listing. This good till sold listing also includes:
  • Boatvana “Captain’s Club” badge when you complete the treasure hunt
  • Upload area for a Boat History Report
  • Featured Listing for one week status
  • Special Instagram Stories Graphics
Happy Boat Day™ Gift Pack (Value $37) 
It’s what you have been working toward! Your own Happy Boat Day™ Moment. What a great way to say “Congratulations” to the new boat owners and welcome them to the boating community. They are about to embark on a journey of memories. Simply print up your Happy Boat Day Card and congratulations form. All they do is complete the congratulations form and send in to receive their FREE boat tote!  
  • Happy Boat Day™ Card
  • Congratuations Sheet – New boat owner sends in for their FREE Happy Boat Day™ Boat Tote!


Super Sales Printables Pack (Value $17)
Why reinvent the wheel – Use these templates and the information you collected in your treasure hunt to create the following sale tools you just print on your own printer!
  • For Sale Signs for the Boat
  • Take away signs for the real world
  • “I’m Interested” hand out cards
  • Thank you for visiting cards
  • SOLD Sign (ahhhhh that has a nice ring to it)
BONUS: Ready to Blast Off Check List (Value Priceless)
What do you need to do to get your boat prepped for guests? This checklist will help you stay on track for the best possible presentation of your boat.
BONUS: Ready to Blast Off Check List (Value Priceless)
Top questions buyers ask (Value Priceless) – What a better way to prepare for a prospective buyer than to get into their head and find out what types of questions they have! And yes… they can have bizarre questions that make you go “WTF?”
BONUS: Uncharted Waters Organizational Charts (Value Priceless) – the important thing is to stay organized during the active showing process. These two instant downloads will give you peace of mind knowing you have your sales information in one location.
  • “Who Was That?” - Lead Tracker
  • “What’s THEIR Name?” - Appointment Tracker
BONUS: Boatvana Vault (Value $99) – this is your password protected one stop central location to all the downloads and printables for Boat Sellers Marketing Kit


Join us and look around for 48 hours. If you are not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support within the first two days, we will offer a full refund. NOTE: The T Shirt and Happy Boat Day™ Gift Pack become available after the 48 hour window.
“Storms don’t scare me… they teach me how to sail my ship” Anonymous 

The Happy Boat Day™ 
Boater to Boater 
Boat Selling System

 It’s “THEIR Boat” Selling Guide (43 Pages) (Value $37) 
 Treasure Hunt System! (Value $77) 
 REWARD: Boatvana T Shirt - complete the treasure hunt to earn your T Shirt! (Value $29)
 Boatvana Listing until sold! (Value $50) 
 Happy Boat Day Gift Pack (Value $37)
 BONUS: Boatvana Vault (Value $99)
 BONUS: Super Sales Printables Pack (Value $17)
 BONUS: Ready to Blast Off Check List (Value $9)
 BONUS: Uncharted Waters Organizational Charts (Value $11) 
 BONUS: WTF? Top questions buyers ask (Value Priceless)
Total Value $366
Regular Price $97
Today’s Price $77
Frequently Asked Questions.
How much time is required?
The Boat Sellers Happy Boat Day™ Marketing Kit allows you the freedom to decide how much time it will take to complete. For example if you know where you legal documents are, it will be much quicker than having to search for the legal documents. In general our students find the greatest amount of time is spent writing their memories of the boat because there are so many good times to share!
My computer skills are very basic, will this still work for me?
You will need to be able to type, “copy”, “Paste”, take photos, upload the photos, and print. The Boat Sellers Happy Boat Day™ Marketing Kit is designed for boaters with beginner computer skills.  
My computer skills are very basic, will this still work for me?
You will need to be able to type, “copy”, “Paste”, take photos, upload the photos, and print. The Boat Sellers Happy Boat Day™ Marketing Kit is designed for boaters with beginner computer skills.  
How fast can I expect to see results?
The Boat Sellers Marketing Kit help you package your boat for sale and transition from selling “driveway to driveway” into a “boater to boater” transition. We make no guarantee that the boat will sell quickly or sell at all. Boats are a person’s free time. They will spend years searching for the “perfect boat”. Our goal with the Boat Sellers Marketing Kit is to prepare you and your boat for DIY selling. We want you to be informed and prepared so when that prospective buyer shows interest in your boat you can appear confident, professional, and welcoming.
What if I have already listed my boat on another site, will this still work for me?
YES! You receive a Boatvana listing with the Boat Sellers Happy Boat Day™ Marketing Kit and the more places you feature your boat the better. Everything you learn in the Happy Boat Day™ Boat Sellers Marketing Kit will help you whether listing on another boating site or talking with a neighbor about your boat. We are one big boating community!

Is everything available immediately?
Nearly everything. You’ll receive access to the Boatvana Vault, listing process, and the downloadables. But you will not receive access to your Tshirt and Happy Boat Day™ Gift. These two items become available after the 48 hours cancellation window closes.

My boat is a mega yacht, is this product still applicable?
Well… let’s chat about this. If you own a mega yacht, the chances of you doing a DIY sales process is pretty slim. But you still receive the Boatvana listing and sales materials. We think the more realistic question is, I have a spendy boat OR I have a boat that’s hard to transport. The Boat Sellers Happy Boat Day™ Marketing Kit gives you access to a Boatvana listing with nationwide exposure. The more places you list the boat the more search engines find it! You can list the contact as a dealer selling your boat. The Boat Sellers Happy Boat Day™ Marketing Kit also provides you the opportunity to have sales materials you can print and hand out. There are great benefits to DIY selling but one thing to consider is your buyer’s frame of mind. If you are DIY selling your mega yacht that’s a BIG BIG purchase for someone to make. Sometimes products may be best served by using a dealer.
Is there a community for this product?
Oh Gosh… Not Yet! But we are open to ideas. If you think we should do this, there is a “contact us” in your Boatvana Vault.

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?

The downloadables are in PDF form and print from your computer’s printer. So you will need access to a printer. The Boatvana Vault and the Boatvana.com website interact as every other website you encounter. We always seek out resources that do not require special programs.

How long can I keep it for?
You can keep access to the Boatvana Vault for as long as we keep the Boat Sellers Happy Boat Day™ Marketing Kit website active.  
What if it’s not what I expect?
You’ve got 48 hours to take a peek and see if the information is useful to you. If you do not find it useful, we will refund your money. NOTE: The T-shirt, and the Happy Boat Day™ Gift Pack do not become available until after the 2-day window.
Is there a guarantee?
Heck Yes. Get into the Boatvana Vault and see if you find the information useful. We think you will! But, if you don’t, tell us within 48 hours by requesting a refund and we will still be friends. NOTE: The T-shirt and Happy Boat Day™ Gift Pack do not become available until after the 2-day window.
Can I share this with a friend?
Well… it’s kind of a sticky question. We say NO. But we also recognize that the information is for both the boat and the person selling. And heck, it’s good – I wrote it. So while it’s easy to print and “share” that’s kinda lame because you’ll miss out on the total DIY selling experience for you and YOUR BUYER. Seriously, you will be missing out on having a Boatvana listing and the convenience of a one stop shop central location. You will be missing out on a “Captain’s Club” badge on your listing, You will also be missing out on a treasure hunt reward T shirt AND most important, your buyer will miss out on the Happy Boat Day™ Gift Pack. And that’s just sad.
“You can’t miss your boat. It’s yours. It stays docked until you are ready.”

- G. Melton
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