INTRODUCING: A Simple Guide From an Award Winning Marketer
Marketing Party System
My Favorite Top 3 Marketing Party tips
Looking to increase sales and heard social media marketing is the best way?  BUT... you simply don't have the time to keep up with nonsense, you're too busy running your business! Let me help.

The Marketing Party System streamlines your marketing effort into three simple tips; G-U-E-S-T Treatment, Invitation Marketing, and Life of the Party. This $7.97 quick & simple three tip system is so easy you can teach your staff how to Throw a Party, too!
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Roxanne Rockvam got the marketing bug at age three when she received an award for top sales of dance recital tickets.  Since then she's gone on to receive a degree in marketing from the University of Minnesota.  But more important has been her proven results by winning Best Profit Center Idea from the International Marina and Boat Yard Confernece, TWICE.  In 2018 she was honored as a National Finalist in the Ultimate Marketer Competition with Successcon.  Along the way she discovered the Infinity Marketing Machine to do marketing better!
  What will you learn:
"G-U-E-S-T Treatment"
Learn the quick 5 step process to treating every customer like a guest.
"Invitation Marketing"
The common sense approach to making a fun and effective marketing message.
"Life of the 
Discover how great marketing follows the same pattern as a great party!
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